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2018 Class Information and Timetable

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Bel Canto Performing Arts offers classes in Singing, Tap, Jazz and Acting....the essentials for a good musical theatre performer.
Classes are held at the Moresby Street Hall in Kensington, WA.   Class fees are $15 per class or $135.00 per term, (based on 10 weeks)

Term 3 - Thursday 26th July to Friday 21st September 2018.
Term 4 - Thursday 11th October to Friday 23rd November 2018.

Junior classes 7yrs to 11yrs.     Intermediate classes 12yrs to 15yrs.     Senior classes 16yrs +

MT Jazz & TapIncludes a warm-up, stretches, floor and corner work, turns, kicks and jumps, combinations, progressions and dances.  Jazz builds strength, energy and attack.  The ATOD tap syllabus is a technically based yet modern tap syllabus with a focus on development and continuity throughout the levels.  Use of the head, arms, corner and travelling steps provide a superb foundation for the performance work.  ATOD has combined elements from both the Jazz and Tap syllabus and included these in their Music Theatre system of training. 

MT Vocals - Group classes, where singing and drama are combined into the one class. The singing component of the class involves learning correct breathing technique, scales, pitch and voice projection.  Students will also have the opportunity to build up a repertoire of songs from a variety of musicals.

MT Acting - The acting component of the class consists of building confidence, teamwork, self-awareness and character analysis.  Students participate in improvisations, movement exercises, drama games and prepare scripted scenes and monologues and/or duologues. 

MT Song Rep - Give students the opportunity to build up a repertoire of songs from a variety of musicals and to explore the text and it’s relationship to individual characters and the storyline in general.  In this class students will also work on harmony singing as well as solo work and audition prep.

Intro to Street Beat (Tap) - This form of Tap comes from Hoofing which is best described as dancing into the floor with emphasis placed on stomps and stamps along with rhythmic percussions of the sounds, music, and syncopations.  Hoofing takes tap back to its roots.  It is all about rhythms – measurements of sound and silence – in hoofing there is no limitation on what can be done.

Junior MT Jazz & Tap - 45min class.                     Junior Vocals + Acting - 45 minute class.
Intermediate MT Jazz & Tap - 1 hour class.          Intermediate Vocals + Acting - 1 hour class.
Senior MT Jazz & Tap - 1 hour class                     Senior MT Song Rep - 45 minute class

Street Beat Tap (Intro) - 45 minute class


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